Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

The Generational Connection.
Faithful Men With A Purpose.
Staying True. Staying Faithful.
Staying Connected.

Why the Generational Connection?

Our men’s ministry is to actively pursue our fellow men to connect them to God, His word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training God’s man in Christ.

Research shows if the man is reached for Christ, then 93% of cases his wife and children will aslo come to faith. If the wife comes to faith first, then only around 17% of men will come to faith.

How important is it to have a Men’s Ministry in your local church? The following statistics show beyond a shadow of doubt that ministering to men is essential. Win 100 children to Christ and about 3.5 of these children will be able to bring mom and dad into the local church setting with them. Win 100 women to Christ and on the average 17 out of the 100 women won to Christ will be able to get her husband and kids to come with her to the church.

But look at this revealing statistic: Win 100 men to Christ and 93 of these men will be able to bring the wife and kids with him to church. It’s God’s design. The apostle Paul won the Philippian jailer to Christ and that very night his whole family was baptized and brought into the fellowship of the Philippian church. Win the man and you win his family.

Also, many men have staggered across the nations silently, many of whom might have wanted to know and discover the strong covenant that should exist between their natural fathers, spiritual fathers, leaders in business who might have gone ahead of their sons, or beginners.

I believe it is these fathers, leaders or business entrepreneurs who were supposed to have loved and had their firm hand to usher their sons of destiny toward their destiny. Because this relationship hasn’t been there, many sons or young men have aligned themselves with men who lacked the heart to father or genuinely share their paths of victory and to warn the up and coming to avoid the same pitfalls.

Hence many have repeated the same mistakes in life, ministry or business and have suffered abandonment and betrayal. How many young men never “knew” their fathers, what made their business succeeded, marriage worked etc? I believe many men need healing and direction.

The seed of Abraham was rich beyond compare, and instead of a little cave and a few springs, the nation of Israel received the entirety of the land. The children of a man who lived in a tent now inhabited cities they did not build. They ate crops they did not cultivate and fruit from tress they did not plant, and drank wine from vines they did not grow. They had cattle they did not raise and they drank from wells they did not dig. They received all this because they were sons to a father.

Fact is Abraham knew the LORD for himself hence he was to raise others and ponit them to the LORD too. Hence the the men in Tower of Faith Centre would like to firstly get Connected to God and in turn be connected with our fellow men.