Our Vision

At The Church
To magnify the Name, Person, Character and Word of the Lord Jesus Christ as the centre of our calling and to make sure that everything we do will bring glory to Him and Him alone.

· To recognise and accept the foundation laying ministries of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone alongside the other three governmental office ministries i.e. evangelist, pastor and teachers in other for the house to be established on a sure foundation and being strong and to attain maturity.

· To train, equip and establish the saints bringing them to maturity in the faith, making them know their respective calling and to function into these ministries as they are released into them to accomplish the Lord ‘s purpose for their individual lives.

· To become the church where the prophetic ministry, apostolic ministry, divine healing, miracles and the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are in function and made manifest in the Lord has purposed.

· To impart God’s counsel in the teaching, of His word step by step being made relevant and practical in our times and to apply them in our daily living.

· To uphold the biblical pattern of family by building strong families of which men know their place in headship in the family, women recognising their inheritance to know that men are a covering as Christ is above man and to stand in their place of intercession and children being raised up in the way of the Lord so as to be a blessing in the coming generations.

· To challenge and inspire an excellent level of personal holiness, being radical in their devotion and commitment to the faith, being loyal to Lord and His word in other to establish lives that will live to declare the manifold wisdom of God by proclaiming and communicating this living faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.