Pursuit Conference

Who is this Christ – John 12:34










WEDNESDAY 19/09/2012 7PM

THURSDAY 20/09/2012 7PM

FRIDAY 21/09/2012 7PM

SATURDAY 22/09/2012 6PM

SUNDAY  23/09/2012 10PM

Prayer Meeting

A time of governmental prayer, Healing and Deliverance.

Come join hands and lets pray for godly progress in our

circumstances, marriages, children, community and nation.

Monthly All-night prayer Service
( Every last Friday of the month)

Each month 10.00pm-5am.

Come let us pray together. Many have testified what

God is doing during these meetings.

Teaching Service

A time to hear step by step teaching of the word of God.

You can’t miss these times of refreshings!



Our Sunday worships are time for celebration. We dance, praise and pray to the Living God. We have excellent facility for the children. We look forward to see you this coming Sunday.